Πνευματικές ψυχεδελικές αναζητήσεις από την Ισλανδία. Παρακάτω διαβάζεις για τη μπάντα και το δίσκο. Όπως θα δεις στο video είναι μπάντα για live, τσέκαρε και τα ινδιάνικα καλέσματα λατρείας του κοινού.

To their fans, Dead Skeletons are more than a band, they are rock n roll spirit guides, exploring the depths of light and dark, life and death, and all the spaces in-between. Powered by their ‘Dead Mantra’ – “He who fears death cannot enjoy life” – Dead Skeletons are a celebration of the self, on the same enlightening spiritual path first trod by free jazz experimentalists Albert Ayler and John Coltrane.

The birth of Dead Skeletons came in 2008 when Jón «Nonni Dead» Sæmundur was seeking collaborators to work with him on a piece of music for an installation for the Reykavic Art Museum. He enlisted friends from Iceland’s art set – Henrik Björnsson of Sinagpore Sling and Ryan Van Kriedt of Asteriod #4.

The track was released on Anton Newcombe’s A Records in 2010. This was followed by their debut album, ‘Dead Magick’, in 2011, and three single releases in 2012 including ‘Buddha-Christ’ on Fuzz Club. Their most recent release, ‘Dead Comet’, was in 2013 on Nonni’s own Dead Monk Records.

Visual art has remained implicit to Dead Skeletons, with many album covers originating as paintings, and Nonni painting on canvas as part of the group’s live show. Nonni also maintains his own art practice alongside under the label, DEAD. 



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